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Membership development

Membership Development is all about the Solomon’s Porch Experience!

We know that people who come to visit do so from all walks of life and from different experiences and are in various relationships with God. Our goal is to make each and every person feel loved, welcome and special — because indeed you are!

We are determined — and destined — to fulfill our vision and that means we are here for you, no matter what! Join us! Get connected! When you experience Solomon’s porch, you will experience the difference.

Want To Come?

When you arrive as a First Time Visitor to our church,our greeters will give you a special visitation card. Complete your visitor’s card and leave it at the Ask me anything desk. Finally, look to hear from our Follow-Up Team, because we love you and want you to come again.

Want To Connect?

Now that you are here, we invite you to connect with the family! Our goal is to not only help you understand who we are and what we believe, but also to fully understand who you are and why God made you uniquely you.

flame-bullet P.A.C.T— Open to all who would like to know more about Solomon’s Porch and what we believe.

flame-bullet Baptism — Baptism is a Christian ordinance that symbolizes the death of the old nature of sin (our carnal selves) and a resurrection to a new life in Christ Jesus (Romans 6:3-8). It also symbolizes the cleansing power of His blood and an outward testimony of our faith in the Lord Jesus.

flame-bullet Baby Dedication — Baby Dedication is a ceremony in which parents and families make a commitment before the Lord to submit a child to God’s Will, and to raise that child according to God’s Word and God’s Ways.

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