P.A.C.T - (Porch Assimilation Church Training) classes are designed to empower new members to walk in Kingdom authority and to be acclimated into the Solomon’s Porch Church family.The objectives of the program are:

flame-bullet  To introduce what we believe.

flame-bullet  To instruct on fundamental concepts of Kingdom order and Solomon’s Porch protocol.

flame-bullet  To lay a common foundation of understanding and teaching for all members of Solomon’s Porch Church.

flame-bullet  To explain the vision of Solomon’s Porch Church.

flame-bullet  To share the Kingdom of God as a lifestyle.

flame-bullet  To encourage each member to actively participate as a Servant Leader in church, the community and all phases of life.

flame-bullet  To develop a deeper relationship with Christ and others.


Foundational teachings,

SALVATION 101 Course (a 4-week session or option for 1 day crash-course available),

Followed by a progression through our core classes below:

flame-bullet  How to Study The Bible (4-week)

flame-bullet  What We Believe About the Holy Spirit (4-week)

flame-bullet  Stewardship (4-week)

flame-bullet  Discovering Your God-Given Gifts (4 week)


Once completed, there is a final course in Ministry Readiness. This Bible-based teaching will enhance your spiritual growth. As part of P.A.C.T, we require that all students complete Grief Recovery before entering into our general ministries (for a full description of ministries you can participate in, please see our Get involved page).

Ministry Readiness (2 hour class)

Once you have completed your Pathway to Purpose, you are now ready to go forth into your service of ministry within Solomon’s Porch Church. We hope to see you soon!

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